Corporate Social Responsibility

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Basic principles

The company "SysElegance" (hereinafter - the Company) in its consistent and systematic development policy seeks consistency, efficiency and profitability. The enterprise is convinced that the foundation of a successful company is not only a financial component, but also high standards of doing business at all its parts. Achieving a positive long-term result is possible when taking into account the interests of both consumers and employees, partners, investors, shareholders and other interested parties who have interaction with the Company. That is why the social responsibility of business is an important aspect of the activities of the company "SysElegance".

Corporate Code

The company has developed a Corporate Code of Management, based on such universal values as decency, openness and transparency. The provisions of the Code were created and developed on the basis of international practice of principles of good corporate governance. They are reflected, in particular, in the Principles of Corporate Governance of the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development) and the Principles of Corporate Governance, approved by the State Commission on Securities and Stock Market of Ukraine. The key areas of work for the company in the CSR sector are:

Quality, use, safety of the product

The main principles of the company "SysElegance" are compliance with the legislative quality standards, the introduction of high international standards of control at all stages of manufacturing products, accounting for its safety.

To guarantee product quality, the Company has developed its own anti-counterfeiting system. In addition, the Company operates a hotline, which allows to further monitor and control the quality of products, maintain contact with consumers and promptly respond to their treatment.

"SysElegance" provides consumers with reliable information about their products and processes that occur in the enterprise, provides responsible communications with all interested parties.

The company "SysElegance", being one of the largest qualified manufacturers of high-tech products in the regions of its presence, is aware of the responsibility to the socially unprotected layers of the population. For this reason, the company has assumed the function of producing preferential social and academic products, which can be used to solve most problems of state, medical, educational institutions and other budgetary or non-profit organizations.

In the SysElegance portfolio, information campaigns, including the concept of a budget and affordable software and hardware complex for educational institutions and non-profit organizations, which was developed jointly with Microsoft Corporation on the initiative of SysElegance.

The company is open to projects that meet its objectives - the production of useful products and their promotion.

Care for the environment

The company "SysElegance" owns a super-power electronic computing base. In addition to the great opportunities, this puts additional responsibility on the company for the impact of its activities on the environment. During all the years of its existence, the company has been working towards the development of internal and external energy saving policies. Investing in the latest and most energy efficient equipment, consolidating computing power, virtualizing equipment, optimizing the use of resources are processes that have never stopped since the first day of the Company's existence.

Back in 2003, the Company completely abandoned hardware fax machines, printing invoices and e-mails. The Company introduced electronic document management and re-use of packaging. Thanks to such initiatives, the Company has been rescuing trees from logging for the second decade already.

But the biggest contribution to the preservation of the environment is directly the Company's products. Consolidating computing power and optimizing the use of resources are the main advantages of the software products "SysElegance", which have been implemented for almost 15 years.

Since 2015, the Company has begun the implementation and sale of energy-saving microcomputers of its own production. Energy consumption of an average modern computer is more than 200 W * h. At the same time, the power consumption of the microcomputer and "SysEelegance" thin clients is only 5 W * h. It is easy to calculate that when using them, the energy saving is about 195 W * h per 1 work place.

At the same time, the emission of greenhouse gases (depending on the type of fuel burned and the carbon content) is approximately 1.4 kg per kWh.

For example, if the computer park of 300 personal computers, the translation of the information system on the thin clients "SysElegance" saves over 410 kWh of electricity per year to the user and, at the same time, releases the air from 574 kg of greenhouse gases.

In addition to this energy saving, in the absence of a centralized power supply, the equipment allows you to work 20 times longer than the continuous power supply unit, radically save fuel and use alternative and environmental energy devices. This opens up wide opportunities for the introduction of new technologies in the markets that are developing in regions that do not have a permanent power supply.

Responsible employer

In its relations with the labor collective the company is guided by a collective agreement, which is the result of social partnership at the local level. For the company, important tasks are to preserve, develop existing and create new jobs, and train employees.

The company has an internship program for students of profile educational institutions. Within the framework of the program, talented young specialists have an opportunity to pass an internship at the production sub-divisions of the company, and the best of them to get work after its completion. Thus , the company attracts the best students and helps them realize their potential.

The company is actively working on the development of corporate volunteering, as a result of which, in particular, there is support for workers who are in a difficult situation.

Responsible partnership

The company "SysElegance" adheres to the principles of responsible procurement. At the enterprise there is a provision that regulates the order of their conduct. This makes it possible to increase the financial efficiency of the procurement process by holding a competitive selection of suppliers. When choosing a solution or supplier, the Company takes into account both the financial effect and qualitative, both capital costs and operating costs.


The company realizes that it is a part of society. That's why we strive to respond to public needs not in situ, but systematically, by setting the right example, ensuring the rule of law, fair competition, humanity and responsibility.