SysElegance Thinstation Enterprise

Operating System for Diskless Stations

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SysElegance Thinstation Enterprise - network bootable Linux-based operating system for thin clients.

With SysElegance Thinstation you can convert any PC, netbook, notebook, thin client or other device to a cloud client able to access applications and desktops remotely, through a simple, easy-to-use interface. Its simplicity makes SysElegance Thinstation one of the world’s most user-friendly operating systems, allowing user access to apps, remote desktops, phone, skype and web.

Running user applications, such as the web browser, Flash, Skype, VoIP softphone, on diskless workstation, significantly reduces the load on the terminal server.

Keeping Internet-connected applications outside of the terminal server also benefits to the security of the entire enterprise infrastructure.

The only operating system to offer zero-downtime patching, SysElegance Thinstation is compatible with a wide variety of Intel, AMD, Nvidia и Via hardware platforms.


TninStation distribution package includes network boot services, bootable operating system image and a set of additional software packages. Everything is ready to go right after installation - just turn on the desired function in the configuration file.

The system can work with published applications from multiple terminal servers and run local applications.

Built-in support for network boot eliminates the need to use a hard disk or other storage medium, which increases reliability of the device and makes it easier to administer.

Integrated network boot services allow you to use one of the thin client equipped with USB Flash or DOM disk as a boot server for all other thin clients.

To ensure the fastest possible deployment of terminals in places where there is no wired network, the system allows to boot and connect to the terminal server over the wireless network.*.

* USB Flash disk or DOM disk is required

RDP Client
Complete implementation of RDP 7.1 features
32, 24, 16, 15, 8 -bit color support
Bidirectional audio redirection
Client-Server channel encryption
Smart-card redirection
Disk redirection
Serial and parallel port redirection
Multiple servers support
Application publishing
VoIP Client
SIP, H.323, IAX2, Skype
Web Browser
Local Web browser with flash support
External Devices Support
Alternative USB and serial ports redirection
Printer port redirection
Scanning from thin client
Centralized configuration from server
Integrated boot services PXE, TFTP
Loadable extension packages
Automatic display resolution detection
Remote diagnostics
Remote user assistance
Automatic power saving

CPU x86 Pentium II 300 MHz or compatible
Ethernet 100Mb
CPU x86 Pentium III 500+ MHz or compatible
RAM 256MB and more*
Ethernet 100Mb
Sound card
File server access
USB-Flash or DOM disk for WiFi 802.11

* required RAM depends on the number of loadable extension packages

The system of loadable extension packages of SysElegance Thinstation Enterprise allows flexible configuration of the workplace in accordance with the user's task and available hardware resources. The packets may be assigned for all workstations simultaneously, for a particular group or an individual workstation.

SysElegance invests significantly in testing Thinstation packages and releasing critical bug fixes faster, enabling enterprises to deploy with confidence.

On request we can build a custom package for your Linux or Java application, such as ERP/CRM client, etc.