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SysElegance has been taking part in international outsourcing projects since 2003. Over the course of time, we have worked for many well known players in the IT Industry. We have gathered a considerable amount of critical know how. This means our workforce needs little introduction time, they learn fast and can therefore quickly live up to the high expectations of our new customers.


SysElegance Consulting works with customers to help define their strategy and goals, implement solutions using SysElegance best practices, and identify ongoing enhancements and cost-savings.

Choose SysElegance Consulting for faster adoption and return on investment across SysElegance solutions. With our deep expertise in our products, SysElegance Consulting helps you succeed with architecture, planning, implementation, upgrade, migration, and expert services across the SysElegance stack.

Another benefit of working with SysElegance is our reliable and straightforward way of collaboration on all levels: business, management, and technical. We invested years of experience into developing customer-centric ways of doing business and have gone a step beyond simply providing raw technical services.


The ever declining numbers of software engineering graduates in Western Europe and the USA, have led to the formation of our team augmentation business. In recent years, SysElegance has been able to successfuly support many Western companies to maintain their target headcount of highly qualified IT personnel.

We continually expand our network of development centers in CIS with renowned Technical Universities and high numbers of software engineering graduates. SysElegance provides you with the “missing“ IT manpower. We provide you with dedicated teams of software engineers and other IT specialists for medium- to long term engagements. Our dedicated customer teams work for and augment your existing engineering teams. The integration of our employees into your organization can be very close, meaning that our employees work as part of your team, in a tightly integrated collaborative project environment and report directly to the team manager provided by you. Our dedicated customer teams have access to the more than 10 years of know how and industry expertise of SysElegance.


Start up

A clear technical project specification is the groundwork of any successful outsourcing project. SysElegance can join your software development process or projects at any stage. We can either take your technical project specification or create it together with you based on your simple problem description.


SysElegance fully adapts to your required development process and rules (code formatting conventions, documenting requirements, status reporting procedures and so on). Our work processes combined with your guidelines will ensure reliably managed, transparent and effective outsourcing projects for you.