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Information technologies play a major role in the modern business world. The effectiveness of a modern corporate IT infrastructure critically affects the success of any company on the market.

There are many good corporate software products by well-known vendors. Yet, almost every company has specific IT needs, which require tailor-made software - i.e. Custom Software Development - is one of our core competences.

Outsourced software development adds value and structure to your business in multiple ways:

  • Time: more software development projects can be completed in a shorter frame of time using our engineering resources;
  • Quality: you will profit from SysElegance Ltd. more than 10 year industry expertise and know how;
  • Cost: we provide highly skilled employees at competitive rates working from our development centres is CIS.


Start up

To start up offshore development project you need… just an idea what the software should do for you. SysElegance has developed strong practices that can turn any good idea into a technical project.


The software development process accepted by SysEleganceis based on Rational Unified Process

It consists of the following stages:

  • Inception - initial stage when decision about development is accepted
  • Elaboration - analysis stage when all requirements are considered
  • Development - main process stage when all development, testing and quality assurance tasks are performed
  • Transition - final process stage when development results are deployed to customer with the following technical support, defects fixing, and change requests processing.

Project Flow

Usually each stage goes via several iterations with defined milestones and intermediate releases.


On this stage the following tasks are performed:

  • Initial project decomposition
  • Most critical and risky tasks discovering
  • Risks investigations
  • Development proposal preparation

On this stage the following tasks are performed:

  • System requirements detailed analysis
  • Software requirements detailed analysis
  • Application architecture design
  • Application modules specifications preparing
  • Final project planning and human resources assignments
  • Quality assurance planning

The following documents are produced on this stage:

  • System requirements analysis document
  • Software requirements analysis document
  • System design document
  • Software modules specifications
  • Calendar schedule plan
  • Quality Assurance plan

On this stage the following tasks are performed:

  • Final software architecture development
  • Coding
  • Software modules integration
  • Testing, validation and verification
  • Quality assurance

The following documents are produced on this stage:

  • Tested application source code
  • Compiled executable modules
  • Final versions of the software modules specifications

On this stage the following tasks are performed:

  • Deployment documentation preparing (deployment instructions, user's manuals)
  • The final delivery preparing and sending to customer
  • Change requests processing
  • Defects fixing
  • Technical support

The following documents are produced on this stage:

  • Full application delivery that includes: all needed documentation, the final version of the compiled executable modules and source code
  • Deployment documentation
  • Change requests processing results

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