SysElegance Application Server

Turn any Windows system into a Terminal Server!

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SysElegance Application Server is a cost effective multi-user Remote Desktop access solution for Windows using the standard Microsoft Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP).

Remote desktop transport is what drives effective enterprise application delivery form the cloud. SysElegance is the vendor that offers a complete solution stack for Remote Desktop acess including terminal server, remote printing software and complete operating system for thin clients.

SysElegance helps customers deliver next-generation applications with a mission-critical cloud platform optimized for high performance, reliability, availability and security. It simplifies operations with native cloud server management and scales operations to multi-server high availability infrastructures. SysElagance Application Server accelerates time to market with a modern enterprise application delivery platform and integrated tools.

PC Magazine/RE. Best Software 2010.

SysElegance Application Server Editions and Options

SysElegance Application Server v5 comes in two editions and features a wide range of enterprise edition options to meet specific customer requirements in the areas of performance and availability, security and compliance and manageability.

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